Selling A Home – How The Process Works & Main Benefits For The Seller…

Step 1
Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free!
(If it meets our criteria, we’ll then contact you to set up a quick appointment)
Step 2
After viewing it, we’ll prepare a fair written, no-obligation offer
Step 3
Once all contracts are completed, we’ll broadcast our offer to multiple pre-qualified tenant-buyers and show the property until you approve the applicant of your choice
Step 4
The tenant-buyer pays all fees and deposits while signing contracts, and moves in shortly thereafter. You get paid a guaranteed monthly rental payment until the option is exercised, the deal closes, and you have the maximum amount of cash in your hands!


This obviously doesn’t explain the entire process and you still may be wondering how exactly selling a home with a lease option works, right? No worries, we will explain the steps…

It Is Important You Understand How Everything Works So That You Can Choose The Best Option For Selling A Home That Best Works For YOU!!!

Selling a home

The Lease Option Process Is As Follows…


  1. Tell us as much as possible about your house and your personal wants and needs (i.e. Need to sell as quickly as possible ? Is your sales price or maximum profit the most important factor? How have you already tried to sell it? etc ). Click HERE to get started!
  2. If your property meets our initial criteria, we will make an appointment with you to view the property at a mutually agreeable time.
  3. After viewing the property, if we determine it is something we can work with we will prepare one or more written offers for you to review. If we can’t be any of help to you, we will happily inform you of other sales strategies and refer you to other professionals as needed (i.e. cash buyers, Realtors, other investors, etc) who may be able to provide you with another solution.
  4. Once you accept the offer that best meets your needs, we will have all contracts prepared by our attorney and sent out to you in a quick expedient manner.
  5. After the completion of all contracts, we will broadcast your property to our extensive group of pre-qualified and thoroughly pre-screened tenant-buyers as well as our international network of investors if applicable.
  6. We will make an appointment with you to show the property to all interested parties, and in the case of multiple parties wishing to move forward, we will review their applications with you to select the best overall applicant.
  7. We will then have our attorney complete all contracts with the applicant and confirm that this new “tenant-buyer” you have selected has submitted all funds to escrow (i.e. option fee & first month’s rent).
  8. The tenant-buyer will perform any home inspections at his/her initiative and expense, and meet with you to do a final walk-through prior to collecting the keys and moving in on a pre-determined date.
  9. Moving forward, the tenant-buyer will make rental payments to you directly, or via a 3rd party escrow service to ensure any mortgage payments on the property are made in a timely manner.
  10. On or before the expiration of the option term, the tenant-buyer will secure financing and complete the purchase with you with the concurrent cancellation of the lease contract and execution of the purchase & sales agreement.
  11. You collect your CASH at closing, and rest confident that you’ve made the MOST MONEY possible while helping another family achieve the dream of home ownership!!!


What are the benefits to YOU as a SELLER, for selling a home with a Lease Option???


  1. You can receive the MAXIMUM PRICE for your property (No “low ball offers”)
  2. It doesn’t matter if you have LITTLE or NO EQUITY in your house
  3. There are NO REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS to pay
  4. There are NO PRICE REDUCTIONS from a stagnant listing languishing on the market
  5. Your LOAN PRINCIPAL gets PAID DOWN further until sale is completed
  6. You enjoy QUALITY TENANTS, who take care of the property that will soon be THEIR HOME
  7. You keep the generous TAX SAVINGS on investment properties until the buyer closes



See what we can offer you for your house TODAY… You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!!!

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